Traditional Crafts of TokyoTraditional Crafts of Tokyo 東京の伝統工芸品

Traditional Crafts Festival:
Five Days of Tokyo Craftsmanship
Showroom to Open for a Limited Time in KITTE Marunouchi

Traditional Crafts Festival:
Five Days of Tokyo Craftsmanship
Showroom to Open for a Limited Time in KITTE Marunouchi

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government will open a showroom for a limited time to widely showcase the attractions traditional crafts of Tokyo both inside and outside of Japan.

We will provide an exhibition, demonstrations, workshops and product sales under the title of “Traditional Crafts Festival: Five Days of Tokyo Craftsmanship” This will take place in KITTE Marunouchi in front of Tokyo Station where many people come for business, shopping and sightseeing.

Please take this opportunity to see Tokyo’s world-class traditional crafts.

Event Details

Date from February 11 (Tuesday) to 15 (Saturday), 2020
Time 11:00a.m. to 6:00p.m. on each day (* Final day: Until 5:00p.m.)
Location 1F Atrium in KITTE Marunouchi (2-7-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
Event Contents An introduction about 41 traditional crafts of Tokyo
An exhibition introducing in an easy-to-understand manner advanced craftsmanship and delicate commitment to quality
Demonstrations that allow you to experience traditional craftsmanship up-close
Workshops that you can try while learning from craftsmen
Product sales allowing you to purchase crafts that are easy to use every day as souvenirs
Sponsor Tokyo Metropolitan Government
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Craftsmen Demonstrations

Demonstrations That Allow You to Experience Traditional Craftsmanship Up-close

Date Crafts Name 1 Crafts Name 2
Feb. 11 (Tue.) Tokyo Shamisen (Three-Stringed Musical Instrument) Tokyo Kumihimo (Braided Cords)
Feb. 12 (Wed.) Edo Moku-hanga (Woodblock Prints) Edo Kimekomi Ningyo (Posted Material Dolls)
Feb. 13 (Thu.) Tokyo Yogasa (Tokyo Umbrella) Tokyo Tegaki Yuzen (Hand-Painted Kimono)
Feb. 14 (Fri.) Tokyo Shippo (Cloisonne Enamelware) Edo Sashimono (Wood Joinery)
Feb. 15 (Sat.) Tokyo Koto (Thirteen-Stringed Musical Instrument) Tokyo Ginki (Silverware)

Craftsmen DemonstrationsCraftsmen Demonstrations

Craftsmen Demonstrations (Images)

HandiCrafts Workshops

Experiences of Making Crafts That You Can Try While Learning from Craftsmen

Date Name of the handicrafts Contents Fee (with tax)
Feb. 11 (Tue.) Tokyo Shippo (Cloisonne Enamelware) Making pendants, brooches ¥1,200
Edo Kimekomi Ningyo (Posted Material Dolls) Making kimekomi magnets ¥1,900
Making kimekomi straps ¥1,600
Feb. 12 (Wed.) Edo Tegaki Chochin (Hand-Painted Paper Lanterns) Drawing letters (e.g., your name) on mini paper lanterns ¥2,500
Tokyo Tegaki Yuzen (Hand-Painted Kimono) Coloring cotton handkerchiefs ¥1,500
Feb. 13 (Thu.) Edo Moku-hanga (Woodblock Prints) Making two types of seasonal postcard multi-colored woodblock prints ¥1,500
Tokyo Mujizome (Plain Dyeing) Dyeing a hand towel or a tote bag using the Shibori technique ¥2,000
Feb. 14 (Fri.) Tokyo Yogasa (Tokyo Umbrella) Fit and decorate mascot umbrellas ¥2,500
Tokyo Koto (Thirteen-Stringed Musical Instrument) Making pendant heads ¥1,500
Feb. 15 (Sat.) Tokyo Shamisen (Three-Stringed Musical Instrument) Glazing original chopsticks ¥2,200
Tokyo Ginki (Silverware) Making rings with tsuchime (hammered marks), gozame (rush mat marks) and gansekime (rock marks) ¥3,000

* Elementary school age children and younger can participate only when accompanied by their parents.
* The contants are subject to change on account of the host.
* You can only make bookings on the day.